Join Lainey as her journey continues in
Mixing Up Magic: Italy Adventure!
Lainey is having a fun summer with her friends and family.
She doesn't like having type 1 diabetes but she is getting used to it until she is reminded of what comes after!
Oh no!
How will Lainey handle being the only kid with type 1 in her class?
Travel with Laineyon another magical adventure to find out!

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Praise For MiXing Up Magic: Italy Adventure

"Another heartwarming adventure and fun way of demonstrating the use of positive coping skills that can apply to anyone, no matter the person or situation. A truly enjoyable read and I can't wait to read the next book!"
-Erin Santos, LMSW 

“My seven-year-old daughter and I truly love this book! There are so many mental health and calming techniques throughout. This book is great for anyone with or without type 1 diabetes. Perfect back-to-school pep up!”
-Dr. Christel M Keefe 
Pediatric Endocrinologist