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Mixing Up Magic Book Three will be released on November 1st in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month!
Join Lainey on her magical adventure to California!

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Join Lainey as her journey continues in
Mixing Up Magic: California Adventure!

Lainey and the gang are back for another exciting adventure! Lainey is having a rough time at school. Jarrod the school bully is teasing her relentlessly. Daily, Lainey is on the verge of tears and her stomach is in knots. Lainey wants to stay home from school forever! But according to Mom, that is not an option. Lainey reluctantly turns to her counselor, Miss Helen, for help. Armed with Miss Helen’s suggestions and Granny’s magic spoon Lainey travels to California and discovers an anti-bullying community in action. Back home, Lainey hopes to inspire her classmates to change the bullying problem for the whole school. Will they succeed?
Find out in Mixing Up Magic: California Adventure! 

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Praise For MiXing Up Magic: Italy Adventure

"Another heartwarming adventure and fun way of demonstrating the use of positive coping skills that can apply to anyone, no matter the person or situation. A truly enjoyable read and I can't wait to read the next book!"
-Erin Santos, LMSW 

“My seven-year-old daughter and I truly love this book! There are so many mental health and calming techniques throughout. This book is great for anyone with or without type 1 diabetes. Perfect back-to-school pep up!”
-Dr. Christel M Keefe 
Pediatric Endocrinologist